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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning a major bridge closer will have drivers look for a dedoor all weekend. they are retrofitting the lincoln between san matedio and hayward. and the giants return home. we were there as the team pulled up at&t park just a few hours ago. hear what bruce bochy has to say about the big win and what is next. good morning, everyone. i'm katie in for terry mcsweeney this morning. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are starting out with cloudy skies. clear skies in concord, and as you head outside, it's definitely cooler out there. numbers in the 50s. we are looking at a mixture of
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clouds and sun today. 60s at our coast to the mid-and upper 70s inland. that's a switch. the cooling trend continues. by the evening hours more fog moves our way. we are back into the 60s. could be a cool evening. but today should be the warmer and sunner day of the weekend. in fact we are looking for a major pattern change as the rest of the weekend gets underway with increasing clouds and the giants game tomorrow and perhaps some raindrops for the monday morning commute. katie. >> happening right nows san mateo bridge is closed for the weekend. tens of thousands of people will have to find to the way to get across the bay. we have live pictures of the san mateo bridge. clearly no traffic on it. it's closed so caltran can get earthquake retrofit work done this weekend. we have the details. caltran's truck is loaded with replacement beams begin the seismic work. caltran steve williams said it's work that may not be affected by
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expected rains. >> i hope not. we should be past a certain point late saturday or early sunday where we just are starting to put things back together to open this by 5:00 monday morning. >> this is the bridge section that will reason placed with what caltran called a polyester concrete deck structure. it will be more flexible on an earthquake, 4,000 cars cross each hour. people working this weekend will have to find alternate rouses, like rick. his usual commute is measured in minutes. >> get there in 17 minutes and now it will take, i don't know, an hour or more? i don't know. we will see hu it goes. >> the games again saturday. she made sure her contestants and audience new of the closure. >> we sent out bulletins to everyone concerned and we are hoping everyone will take that into account.
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>> caltran is asking everyone to plan routes using alternate bridges in order to travel this weekend. this map shows you the routes you should use when the san mateo bridge is closed. highway 237, the dumbarton bridge and the bay bridge a word to the wise, if you are headed to the giants game at&t park this sunday, make sure you use one of those alternate routes because the san mateo bridge, of course, will be closed. in hayward, abc7 fuse. for more help navigating around the closer, download our exclusive abc7 waze traffic anderson. you can do that a the giants are home after dominating last night, keeping third world series hopes alive. they shutout the cardinals. this throw on what should have been an out bounced off second base, paving the way for the giants to score four runs. the orange and black never
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looked back. final score, st. louis -- in st. louis, giants 5, cardinals 0. the giants trail the cardinals three games to two in the best-of-seven series. game six is tomorrow night at&t park with ryan vogelsong starting for the giants. those giants are back home this morning. their plane landed at sfo around 2:30 and they arrived at&t park just a couple hours ago. abc7 news reporter karen clapper was there for the victorious moment and joins us live from the ballpark. good morning, kara. >> good morning. it was just after three the bus load of players, staff and management returned to at&t park surprisingly to me, at least, not one fan was here to welcome back the victorious orange and black as they return home for game 6. the players were pretty quiet. probably understandably, going straight from the bus to their cars, likely rushing home to get some sleep after last night's big win. they traveled overnight from
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st. louis after shutting down the cards, as katie just said, and forcing a game six. manager bruce bochy was kind enough to stop by for a quick word with us. i could see the sparkle in his eye that the team is reenergized for tomorrow. >> the boys are tired, you know. it was a late night. they will get some rest and we will have a light workout tomorrow and get set for sunday. >> barry zito was very inspirational tonight. you look for energy this time of year, and he gave a huge shot in the arm. so game on come sunday. >> here's the schedule for the giants. game six will be played here at&t park tomorrow at 4:45 in the afternoon. of course, the giants hope to force a game 7. if there is a game 7, it would be played here monday night at 5:07. let's hope for that. live at&t park, kara, abc7 news. >> thank you. and as baseball season nears the
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end, it looks like hockey may never again. all nfl games have been cancelled through november 1st abc reporter nick smith reports on disappointed shark fans and the financial hit facing san jose businesses. >> the shark tank is a great place to go. it's one of the best venues. >> but so far this season it has remained sharkless. the nfl has cancelled -- the nhl cancelled all games through november 1st. >> i don't know what the issues are, but the bottom line is the fans want to see good hockey action and we aren't going to get it. >> this is the third lockout since 1994. the league has told the players association that if an agreement is met by thursday, they can still squeeze in a full regular season, 82 games per team, beginning november 2nd. >> if it doesn't, then it could be devastating for a lot of people. >> sunny owns the britt, a
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popular sports bar that sits a stones throw from the tank. it means a huge boost to his bottom line. ing if this. on a game day he averages an increase of more than 700 extra people filling seats and buying drinks. >> you are clearing $10,000 when you are looking at that much traffic between food and beverage. >> which means more staff, more hours, and more people working. >> we had, you know, organization today that are showing unemployment is improving. >> matthew is president of the silicon valley chamber of commerce. he said the slow economic recovery that the city experiencing now could come to a grinding halt if hockey is kept on ice. now we don't have a sharks season. we have been had games yet. all these things are the perfect storm that could really hurt business here in san jose. >> while players and owners argue over dollars, fans and business owners simply want to see the streets filled with teal. in san jose, abc7 news. the port of oakland official at the center of an
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investigation into questionable expenditures has been suspended. maritime director james kwan has been put on paid administrative leave and ordered to return immediately from a business trip to china. on thursday port executive director omar benjamin was also placed on leave. a central figure in the gang rape of a richmond schoolgirl three years ago is on his way to state prison. ortega pleaded guilty to four counts including aggravated sexual assault with great bodily injury. the 16-year-old girl was raped and beat nen 2009 outside richmond high school after leaving a homecoming dance. yesterday ortega was sentenced o 32 years to state prison under a plea deal. >> we weighed it with the needs and sensitivities to the victim in this case and what would she go through if she would have to testify. >> he wishes he could undo that night. he never wanted what happened to
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happen. >> five other defendants are still headed to trial. a hercules woman who was walking her dog suffered moderate injuries after falling 40 feet into a steep drainage ravine yesterday. woman described to be in her 50s and in good physical condition managed to text her predicament to neighbors who called 911. they hoisted her to safety. the dog was not hurt. up next, the bay area's biggest college rivalry, cal fans are getting hyped for the big game against stanford this afternoon. >> we have to name this condition that he's going through. i think it's called ronnesia. >> the president pokes fun at mi
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let the making begin >> lance armstrong is now being accused of bribery. armstrong did not address the accusation last not or any of the doping charges against him at en anniversary celebration of his charity, live strong, in texas. he urged friends and supporters to continue the charity cancer fighting work. the australian network reports it has evidence of armstrong paying a competitor to lose a series of races. good morning america will have much more coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> the election is now just 17 days away. president obama is spending the weekend at camp david, prepping for monday's debate. yesterday the president accused mitt romney of changing his position so much, calling the new word for it. >> he's changing up so much and backtracking and side-stepping, we've got -- we've got a name of
5:13 am
this condition that he's going through. i think -- i think it's called romnesia. >> romney made a quick come back at a rally last night in daytona beach. >> they have been reduced to petty attacks and silly word games. just watch it. the obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign. >> romney is off the campaign trail today. he's spending most of the day with his advisers prepping for the final presidential debate. that third and final debate is monday at lynn university in boca raton, florida. you can watch it here live starting at 6:00 p.m.. the dali llama probably wanted his speech to be memorable but not because of a swearword. the exiled at leader mistakenly
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miss transcribed his words on the big screen. he said if the crowd didn't agree with his words, they could forget, it but notice not what appeared on the screen. the university confirmed the closed captioning error. the big game is set to begin at memorial stadium. there are many nontraditional sport event expected to draw more crowds throughout the bay area today. abc7 news reporter allen wong has the details. as far as the cal students are concerned, the big game is already on. but the actual kickoff of the 115thobig game between cal and stanford doesn't start until noon in berkeley. just one of several sporting events around the bay area. while cal and stanford are going
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at it, the dedoor will be in full swing with skateboarders grinding up picnic penches for the crowd and people like andy lewis showing off their skills. >> the hardest maneuver is a dog a front flip from your feet and landing on your feet, and back with a 360. other things like doing a chest bounce where you land on your chest and spinning flat to the ground 306 degrees and landing back on your chest which is the mojo flat chest. >> they can mingle with the athletes like three times x games gold medalist, mr. shekler. >> i'm talking to fans and hearing what they have to say. >> meanwhile the top six squash players in the world will be battling it out in the only portable glass squash court in north america. >> last year the ball was hit the hardest and it was like 145 mile-an-hour. >> the 430 seats are being installed at justin herman plaza
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for saturday's match with the finals taking place on tuesday. i'm allen wong, abc7 news. meteorologist lisa argen joining us now. lots going on this weekend so we need to know exactly the temperature everywhere. >> today looks like -- actually today and tomorrow pretty sunny and nice. definitely a lot cooler than we were used to with the heat wave. a live look outside and mostly cloudy except around concord. mile and a half visibility at half moon bay and a quarter mile in santa rosa. we are talking about clouds early, sun later. how warm will it get? i'll let you know later coming up. >> and barry zito turns in his most important outing as a giant. with the season on the line, he shuts down the
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>> starting today anyone making a call on the 408 area code must change their dialing pattern. if dialing from a land line you have to dial 1, the area code, and then the number. ten digits in all to complete the call. cell phone users than skip the 1, but they still must dial the area code and number. and a new area code, 669, will be added to that call region starting on november 20th. a popular spray-on sunscreen is being recalled after reports it caused at least five people to catch on fire. the sunscreen is the ultramist version of the banana boat brand.
5:20 am
about two dozen form layings of ultramist are being recalls because it ignites when exposed to an open flame. the plaintiffer believes the problem is the spray valve. it applies too much of the product. the manufacture also admits the lotion will catch on fire if it isn't dry. that's horrifying because we all need to be wearing our sunscreen. >> of course. >> we don't want to catch on fire. >> like chemistry class and the bunson burner. >> are we going to get sunshine this weekend? >> yeah. but we are starting out cloudy right now. here's a look from the roof come raw. everyone is cloudy except for concord this morning." we are looking at the sunrise coming up just amounts bit later and later. but a lot going on at the civic center. the bmx skateboarding competition, and the jazz and brunch going on. plenty of things to get outside and enjoy the weather.
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live doppler 7 hd, nice and quiet on mount saint helena, but by tomorrow night we are lacking at a lot of activity. in fact, it's the beginning of a series of several storm systems that will bring some rain right into the beginning of the upcoming work week. so starting out with numbers in the 50s. it's a little cool out there, but the warm spot, redwood city 59 are, 57 in mountain view. good morning, napa. 52 for you. 60s. the southwest wind blowing around fairfield, up to 31 miles an hour. that's always an indicator of that cooler air getting transported in from the pacific. and notice how much cooler we are 24 hours ago from today. six degrees cooler in livermore, as well as half moon bay with 8 degrees of cooling in san rafael and 9 degrees of cooling in fremont. a mixture ever sun and clouds today but bombing mainly sunny. the rain arrives hopefully after the giants game tomorrow with snow for the sierra on monday. a winter storm watch going up now and then the warning as the
5:22 am
snow gets close. so here we are looking at a pacific satellite picture and an area of low pressure to the north with that cooler air bottled up to the north and west of us. that's where it will stay tore today. so we've got high pressure once again, allowing for the front to stay to the north of us and enjoy the weekend. here's the timeline. notice by late sunday, and then here we are monday afternoon. we've got the wet weather and the snow beginning in the sierra nevada. so the front is going to push on through. and then by tuesday still some showers favoring the north bay with the most rainfall, and then amounts getting less the further south. so anywhere from an inch in the north bay, maybe a quarter of an inch around san jose, san benito county. the winner storm watch up to a foot he is sierra foot through monday and 6 inches possible above 6,000 feet and it may impact i-80 and us50. pay attention to the forecast
5:23 am
there. nice mild in the city with 72 oakland. mid-70s out toward livermore. 73 in san jose and down by the monterey bay plenty of sunshine and pleasant with 74 gilroy, 56 in monterey. if you are headed out toward berkeley today notice highs will be in the low 60s. oh, this is candlestick. we have to get berkeley in there. mid-60s and then by 3:00 it will be 70 degrees there. nice afternoon there and then we will look for the temperatures to be just about four or five degrees cooler tomorrow. the giants game starting out with the fog and rain. it will be cool and breezy. next week notice umbrella weather. monday morning commute, kind of a rough start to the commute, and tuesday still scattered showers right on through the week. we are looking cool and temperatures pretty much below normal. so, you know, you think about monday, try to give yourself some extra time. not everyone thinking about monday right now >> no, please. we will bet there when we get there. thanks, lisa.
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in sports 20th ranked stanford plays cal at noon in the 115th big game. last night the giants assured themselves of another big game tomorrow by beating the st. louis cardinals in game five of the national league championship series. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. who saw this coming? barry zito does what matt cain and tim lincecum could not do, beat the cardinals in st. louis. as a result the giants are still alive with the national league championship series coming back to san francisco. game five at bush. the rally rags were out so wipe away the tears. zito escapes a bases loaded, nobody out jam in the second. gets lance lynn on the double-play ball to end the inning. scoreless until the fourth. hunter pence, a chopper to lynn. throw to second base. off the bag and marco scutaro scores on that error, which cost the giants. they are on top 1-0. crawford up the middle. pablo sandoval and pence score. giants up 3-zip.
5:25 am
zito with his arm and his bao, surprising david freese with the bunt. gregor blanco in. first bunt base hit in zito's career. 4-0, giants. everything going their way in the fifth. hunter pence chasing down a pop fly. nice slide and grab. take a look, the ball is off his barehand, right wrist and into the glove. not the way you want to do that. zito's most clutch performance as giant through 7 2/3 scoreless innings, strikes out 6. pete kozma ends the seventh. padding the lead in the nighth. pablo sandoval, that is crushed. giants shutout the cardinals 5-0. still down three games to two, but they look to fight another day. zito talked about his mental preparation. remember, he was left off the playoff roster in 2010. >> i pitched in one cs game and that was back in '06 and it wasn't a good start for me. the most important thing for me is doing it in a giants uniform a lot of things are said about how i've been in an a's uniform but i'm looking forward to doing
5:26 am
it in a giants uniform. it's definitely a big game for me. >> game six back at&t park on sunday. ryan vogelsong against chris carpenter. first pitch at 4 carolyn tyler30 a.m.." a care for the gold state warriors. steph currie reinjured, a bad ankle in a preseason in portland. this is just a freak accident. wesley matthew accidentally stepped on his right ankle. currie went hobbling off the court in the second quarter. the warriors say that steph wanted to return, but he was held out in the second half as a precaution. hopefully he's going to be okay. warriors won the game, 101-97. the 115th edition of the big game is this afternoon. noontime kickoff, stanford at cal. through 114 games in the series, only 15 points separate the two teams. because of the new pac-12 tv deal, the game was moved from its normal date in november back to october. stanford has won the last couple meetings, led by andrew luck. whatever they play for the axe,
5:27 am
emotions are high. >> a little earlier than you would expect. obviously it's a renown rivalry and we will give it our best shot and you have to be ready to play. >> the big game comes with the first game of the season, the last game of the season and the middle of the season we are ready. >> we will have all the big game highlights on abc7 tonight at 8 k:30 following miami versus florida state on lexus after the game. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. coming up next, a ballot measure to water down california's three strikes law. find out how many criminals could be back on the street if it happens. and jazz helps unite two cities torn apart by disaster. young musicians in new orleans and a japanese city forge an unlikely friendship
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>> new this morning, a nevada judge has agreed to hear an appeal for o.j. simpson. it could put oj on the witness stand for the first time in this case. simpson is asking to be freed from prison and given a new trial saying his lawyer had financial and business conflicts that should have precluded him from taking the case. simpson is currently serving a nine to 33-year prison sentence. he led five guns in a 2007 confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers inside a nevada hotel. a windstorm called a baseball pavilion to collapse during a game last night. pennsylvania state troopers say at least ten people were caught beneath the collapsed pavilion in paradise township. none. injuries are life-threatening. the storm knocked down trees and caused power outages when it hit
5:31 am
around 9:00 last night. in a few weeks you will be asked to decide whether to alter the nation's toughest criminal sentencing stat statutes, california's three-strikes law. some say the current law is unfair. they say the ballot measure is not only a bad idea, it's dangerous. vic lee looks into it. >> the three strikes law was passed by both the state legislature and by voters after the murder of 12-year-old poly glass in 1993. the law allows judges to give life sentences to criminals who commit a third felony, no matter how minor, if they have two prior serious or violent convictions. they would be eligible for parole of a serving 25 years. don kopke is an advocate for crime victims. >> we are talking about offenders who have serious or violent past. and these are also offenders who have shown a propensity to
5:32 am
reoffend time about and time again. >> prop 36 would change the law to impose life sentences only if the new felony conviction or third strike is serious or violent. but criminals whose third strike was for nonserious or nonviolent sex or firearms or drugs. they could apply for a new sentence if their third strike was not serious or violent but a judge would have to decide if there's still a risk to the public. someone who commits a third strike that's not serious or violent but whose prior two strikes were more rape, murderer child molestation, would still face life in prison. he heads the project. he said three strikers are going to prison for life even for the most minor third offense. >> the small amount of people who have committed nonserious, nonviolent crimes who have never committed a heinous crime, the people who are in prison,
5:33 am
clogging up our prisons and creating overcrowding, that they will get the benefit of prop 36. >> i'm just a simple dad. and father of an 18-year-old girl who was murdered at the hands of two repeat offenders exactly 20 years ago this year. >> mike reynolds is a staunch supporter of the three strikes law. he testified against prop 36 at a recent legislative hearing. >> it's one of the most effective crime laws in california. secondly, it releases literally thousands of the most active serious and violent offenders back out on to our streets. >> sacramento sheriff scott jones also testified at the hearing. >> to accept prop session 36 is to accept and acknowledge that there will be new crime victims that otherwise wouldn't have been. >> san francisco's george is one of the few district attorneys in the state who openly support the measure. for him it's a question of fairness. >> someone arrested for a
5:34 am
low-level offense, such as shop lifting with prior convictions or minor drug possession can go to prison for 25 years to life. i think there is something completely disproportionate. >> there are currently about 9,000 third strikers in prison now. if the proposition becomes law, a legislative analyst said roughly 3,000 could apply for new sentences. vic lee, abc7 news. gov. jerry brown joins the california teachers association in san francisco this morning to launch a final push to pass proposition 30. it's also known as the governor's tax initiative would raise a state-wide sales tax to prevent billions of dollars in cuts to schools and colleges. the governor will held an 11:00 a.m. news conference with the teachers. that's in santa rosa and san jose. new this morning a coalition of labor unions fight to go keep kaiser's pediatric unit has
5:35 am
organized a ticket line with a halloween theme. the group called will bring in sesame street characters and hundreds of parents and children for what is called treat us, don't trick us. the children will be in halloween costumes. kaiser is bull ago new hospital, but the protesters say the plan but the protesters say the plan does no unit which leaves patience without a local resource. and there will be oral cancer screenings for free this morning. it could be a life safer because mouth cancers are not often diagnosed until the disease spreads to other parts of the body. the doctors will make quick and painless exams using high-powered light to detect mouth lesions. there are resources for low cost healthcare and quitting smoke are also part of the screening. it's offered from eight too noon at stanford's ear, nose and throat clinic on welch road in
5:36 am
palo alto. new this morning, disaster door their cities apart. jazz helped unite them. now young musicians in new orleans and the japanese city have forged an unlikely friendship thanks to their shared love of music. last week the two groups met for the first time in an emotional performance. abc's reporter said it helped lift the spirits of survivors still rebuilding from last year's tsunami. ♪ it was a scene straight out of mardi gras, only this was in japan. ♪ >> that second line, a celebration to inspire them still recovering from disaster. >> it showed there is no bad things that can happen. like there's nothing that can keep people down. so the music will just lift you up. >> george brown knows from experience. seven years ago hurricane
5:37 am
katrina nearly silenced his brass band, washing away the only instruments they had at the high school. >> all my family plays so you could see something was taken away from them once the piano was gone. >> the silence didn't last long, thanks to help from an unlikely place, japanese trumpet player raised thousands of dollars, collected nearly 800 instruments from japan. >> i think jazz is one of the -- the most wonderful present from the united states and new orleans to the world and i want to give back. >> when the tsunami devastated japan's coast last year, it was these students who returned the favor. fundraising, donating instruments so students they had never met could continue to play on. >> 13,000 homes were destroyed in the city. but it's band never missed a beat. this woman said disaster tore
5:38 am
her community apart but new orleans helped unite it. last weekend the high school students in their own intern band traveled to japan to perform with the swing dolphins, playing the very instruments they had exchanged. there were few words. but the beat, the rhythm, spoke a universal language. >> it's not about anyone else, it's about the music. >> a performance inspired by shared heartache, fulfilled by the power of music. abc news, japan. coming up next, you've got mail. the people who made the phrase famous are attempting a big comeback. aol generates a new idea for an old concept. let's take a live look outside. the embarcadero and the bay bridge. kind after mixed bag of weather this weekend. meteorologist lisa argen is going to have your [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce...
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>> it's 5:41 and you've got mail. it's the greeting millions of aol users got used to hearing in the early '90s before other companies like yahoo and google began offering free e-mail. but aol is still around. the company is taking some bold steps to reinvent itself. >> you've got mail. >> that name muss line became a part of pop culture, but times have changed. >> in the early '90s. aol and you've got mail actually meant something. when you heard that you had that response, something cool is coming in. >> but now we've all got mail, maybe two much mail. maybe 20 years after making it popular in the first place, aol is back to help you manage it. >> reinventing e-mail today for the modern in box. that's part of our legacy, and i
5:42 am
think we can do it again. >> the new product is called alto, like palo alto where it was designed. to reinvent e-mail, aol has had to reinnocent itself in the spirit of a silicon valley start-up. >> when we start it had, i didn't sit at a desk for six months. i sat at a table in the middle of a design garage are right here. >> it is a app that consolidates all your accounts into a single in box where you can visually sort messages and attachments into stacks. >> i can look and say where were those lego land tickets i bought for a vacation. there they are. i click on it. >> it's ipad friendly. swipe and see what's in my photo stack and attachment stack. >> and you can snooze it and like your alarm clock it will come back in 30 minutes or an hour. >> they around stopping with e-mail, they are also diving into another market they have never been in before and one that is red hot right now, mobile games.
5:43 am
lon is playing clux. it's like the party game taboo but with web camps. >> you see people's reactions and it's fun. >> the game uses voice recognition to make sure nobody cheats. >> it's typically given to one you love. you use the word love. >> when your partner guesses the word, you get to watch. in palo alto, johnathan bloom, abc7 news. 5:43 now. we are looking ahead to the weather. sounds like a little bit of everything out there. >> yeah. we will squeeze in a good weekend for the most part but temperatures continue their downward slide. a look outside and you notice from our hd emeryville camera. can you see the fog in the distance in it's pretty much everywhere except around concord. i expect it to fill in there. i'll let you know about the sun, the rain, we've got it all. seven-day outlook next. >> also ahead, how you can help scientists locate the meteor that ripped through the bay area night sky earlier this week.
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and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant welcome back. a very good saturday morning to you. it's 5:46. you are looking live at the golden gate bridge. usual fog out there this morning, but it is going to clear later and it's looking like a pretty nice weekend ahead for the bay area. but after that things might change. lisa argen will it will you in on your full weather forecast coming up. the 2012 silicon valley jewish film test value begins tonight with what critics are calling an inspiring documentary. the film "article of hope" tell the story of an isreali astronaut and the door he took aboard the ill-fated columbia shuttle in 2002. it recalls his journey from the world war ii concentration cam
5:47 am
top the day it was celebrated aboard columbia. >> it's the story of our nation, rising up from the ashes, and we each can take it to the personal place, how do we deal with it, crisis, and how do we take it to a better place. >> elon ramon was the first israeli to travel into space and one of the seven killed when the shuttle exploded on re-entry in 2003. for more go to and see it on "he is it on tv." >> the hunt is on for the car-sized meteor that ripped through the skies on friday night. now we want to see your video. we are asking you to check your security cameras for footage taken around 7:44 wednesday night. that's when the meteor entered the bay area sky. researchers think that video may tell them how the video broke up and how big the meet right
5:48 am
fragments are. because it fell at a relatively slow speed, think think a large portion of it may have survived. interesting stuff. that would be a nice thing, to say you helped the scientists find the meteor. very cool. we have our first significant storm of the season headed our way. timing on this one not great for the monday morning commute. but hopefully the ref of the giants game sunday night will be dry, although clouds again to increase throughout the day tomorrow. a live look outside right now. you will notice the cloud cover. it's gray everywhere. 7:24 is sun advice, 6:25 setting for just over 11 hours of day light. life doppler 7 hd, deaf anily picking up some raindrops sunday night. right now picking up the low clouds and fog. we see it everywhere except out toward concord but that probably will fill in. numbers mainly in the low mid-50s. to start out. good morning mountain view, 57
5:49 am
for you and 52 napa. 54 santa rosa. numbers this morning, cooler than yesterday morning and that trend continues. we started that on thursday with that southerly surge. actually temperatures today pretty comfortable. 11 degrees cooler in napa this morning, and 7 degrees cooler redwood city, mountain view and san jose. sun and clouds mixed today. mainly you will see the clouds in the north bay. rain arrives sunday night. and snow for the sierra nevada, a winter storm watch going up in effect for the day on monday. the cold front should be pushing through the bay area on monday morning. so that laying will mean snow in the sear are you by the afternoon. here's a look at our atlanta and radar composite. you see the speckling of the clouds up north and some of the rain in the pacific northwest. that's where the area of low pressure is. we will start this animation sunday night. you know we've got some green painted here over the bay area.
5:50 am
but at this point it looks like for a chance of rain towards the giants game, but more likely throughout the evening and overnight hours, and by 2:00 in the morning we've got the front on the way, pushing through monday morning. leftover showers by tuesday afternoon. and perhaps up to an inch of rain in the north bay. anywhere from maybe a quarter of an inch in the south bay. so today 60s and 70s should do it for the most part. a couple 80s around fresno with 90s in palm springs and back home. pretty comfortable with 70 downtown today. 72 in oakland. 75 in livermore. 73 san jose. and down around the monterey bay lots of clouds now. they will thin out and we will see 72 in santa cruz and for the game today 65 degrees. and by 3:00 it should be about 70 and taking it to at&t park tomorrow night. 4:45, 60 degrees, 61 degrees with breezy conditions.
5:51 am
you notice the numbers drop through the 50s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, another five degrees of cooling tomorrow with increasing clouds. we look for the rain to arrive overnight sunday into monday. leftover showers tuesday. a slight chance on wednesday. and finally we will begin to recover. a little halloween stuff going on. the durant law run in brentwood this afternoon. >> sounds spooky. >> and the five kilometer run for children this afternoon. >> thanks, lisa. a california company has found a solution to a common problem with the modern digital world. how do you keep your batteries charged when you are out and about. michael finney finds out if the solution really works. we love our smartphones. we enjoy taking our music with us. we get lost without our gps. well, now bicyclists can stay connected without fear of
5:52 am
draining the batteries. all thanks to this contraption from eco-x gear, called eco-x power. >> as your tire turns, this clutch goes on the spoke of your tower and as it resolves around it causes the generator to turn and charges an internal battery that's rechargal. >> corey is a member of the oakland yellowjackets bicycle club. he knows firsthand what it's like to run out of batteries. >> my i-phone, it just happened this last saturday. >> corey sees a need for the product and grease to give the eco-x power a try. >> probably takes you about 15, 20 minutes to install it the first time. >> our tester is a professional engineer and ready for the challenge, beginning with the installation. >> i'll bet you if we just walk over here and slide this over the hub, that it's just going to magically work. >> but after a few minutes of fumbling around, corey knows this won't be that simple. >> i may have to break down and read the directions some more.
5:53 am
i've got to admit, it's a little daunting. >> but eternal hope prevails and after about an hour he's all set. >> there we go. i don't think anything i went through in the installation process would or should deter anyone from buying it. >> eco-x power gives you a charge of about five volts. the company says that's about the same charge you would get hooking it up to your computer. if your battery is drained, you should be able to continue using your device almost instantly with eco-x power. it also features a bike light that can be remotely controlled from your handlebars. we caught up with corey again a week later to get his take on the eco-x power. he says it works as advertised. >> your phone won't run out of power, your gps won't run out of power. >> but he does have some concerns. >> i had to take it off because the adjustment had failed.
5:54 am
it loosened up. it was dragging on my spokes. >> eco-x gear says on its website it's device won't work on all bikes because bicycle hubs come in many varieties. make sure and check with your retailer before installing it. corey is also concerned about its weight. about a pound and a half. >> i'm a bicyclist. this past week i have ridden 100 miles. weight matters. >> frankly for somebody who weighs everything down to the ounce and is looking for the super-duper carbon fiber frame, this product is not for that person. this is geared for your everyday cyclist. >> the device sells for about $99 and we have a lincoln to their website at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the underwater discovery that got its name from this year's giants playoff run. and that big grand slam by
5:55 am
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>> the san francisco's giants stirring comeback in the national league series played an unexpected role in naming a new ocean creature. scientists from the national marine sanctuary were 40 miles off the golden gate exploring an area known as the farallon islands. they provided us these amazing images. their recover was 1400 feet deep when they came won what they believe is a new spunk species. they named it "the catcher's mit" spunk. >> we were listening to the playoff game and buster posey had just hit his grand slam home run. we said it looks like a catcher's mit. we will name it after buster posey. >> the scientists are also excited about finding a black corral brimming with sea life in the northern pacific ocean. coming up next at six, the giants have just arrived back
5:58 am
home after a big win last night in st. louis. we will have a live report from at&t park and hear from manager bruce bochy. also, the san mateo bridge, it is shut down this morning. the impact on the thousands of people who need to get across the bay. a new hour of
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